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  • ikk1

    Levo Lounge Opening Ravensburg

    This video was produced for Levo Shisha Lounge in Ravensburg. The entire Video was shot and edited by RAREVFX. The Logo of Levo Lounge was made by RAREVFX.

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  • ujh

    Sixteensclub Grand Opening

      The Sixteensclub opening parting on Saturday, 25th April 2015. This is a party for everyone starting at age 16. This video was shot with the Nikon D5100 on a steadycam and this music is made by DJ more »

  • rrejib

    Cinematic ProAm Jib Review

    This is a cinematic review i made to show you which results you can get with a jib from ProAm. I used the ProAm DVC50. It’s only 4 feet long but it’s pretty lightweight and more »

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